Funny Passover Schtick

This comes courtesy of Heeb Magazine which I really love.  Nice tribute to Woody Allen and his rhythms.  Still, at 5 minutes it shows how difficult it is to make really consistently good comedy.  Especially animation.  You have to be so crisp to be good.  Makes me appreciate Family Guy and South Park all the more.


The AaronCohens Film

10 years ago, I conceived of a comedic documentary concept rooted in my name.  This fall the concept has turned real and work has begun on a film called The AaronCohens.  The project gathers all the people named Aaron Cohen from around the world to meet each other and share stories about being AaronCohen I’ve started a blog for the film at We are building a community there.  I’ve now become Facebook friends with 50 Aaron Cohens from around the country and world.  If you know anybody named Aaron Cohen and want to introduce them to me I would appreciate it.

The AaronCohens is an exploration in identity.   Obviously making a film is challenging, but social media, user-generated content, and the amazing breakthroughs in video and broadband technologies will make it significantly easier than it was a decade ago. I look forward to sharing more about this project in the weeks, months, and potentially (but hopefully not) years to come.

Brett Favre: Entrepreneurial Hero

Brett Favre is a New York Jet.  What a bonus in a bad economic year.

He should run the next Google/Ebay/Amazon.  Here’s why.

1.  Persistence — Hasn’t missed a game in 15 years. Never gives up.

2.  Humility — Always gives credit to teammates and opponents.  He knows it’s not all about him.

3.  Passion  — He is still a kid out there.  Loves the work.  Teared up during post-game interview.

4.  Skill — is there anybody with that arm?  Peyton might be better all-around and Tom Brady has a better resume, but when he’s asked to play well under pressure he can really throw it.  At 39!

Now Eric Mangini is not startup material.  Smart as he is, he doesn’t have the swagger and the imagination.  Nor did he make the appropriate adjustments during the game.  Matt Cassell ran for more yards as a Patriot QB than anybody since Steve Grogan.  The Patriots went 65 yards in a minute with no timeouts to end last night’s game and the Jets had single coverage on Randy Moss on the last play of the game.

Come on Eric Mangini, Brett saved you.

The Onion Nails the Election

A good friend sent me a great post this morning from The Onion.    Usually, I read The Onion in print at the restaurant brgr, but now that I’m scaling back on my turkey burgers (sick)  and chocolate shakes (even sicker… they use Ronnybrook Ice Cream, I will have to use the web version.  They have a wonderful recap of the election.  Here’s an excerpt to whet (wet?) your appetite:

The election of our first African-American president truly shows how far we’ve come as a nation,” said NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams. “Just eight years ago, this moment would have been unthinkable. But finally we, as a country, have joined together, realized we’ve reached rock bottom, and for the first time voted for a candidate based on his policies rather than the color of his skin.”

“Today Americans have grudgingly taken a giant leap forward,” Williams continued. “And all it took was severe economic downturn, a bloody and unjust war in Iraq, terrorist attacks on lower Manhattan, nearly 2,000 deaths in New Orleans, and more than three centuries of frequently violent racial turmoil.”