Bring InfoArbitrage Back

Roger Ehrenberg wrote a revealing post yesterday about his waning interest in blogging.  He listed a myriad of reasons — from his inablity to be heard in Washington to the amount of time it takes to teach two sons to pitch.  While I understand (I coached baseball and am stepping up to Pop Warner Football in the fall),  I quickly wrote him that I would be crushed if Fred Wilson stopped writing and that I was not happy he had abandoned us during what I have worried was a confusing economic recovery  I missed his insights on the economy and realized Roger was influencing how I think about my professional life and AnyClip’s business model.

Look, Roger has a massive portfolio and no partners.  He’s busy.  But the reality is this community of blogger/writers in New York Fred, Roger, Steven Johnson, Jeff Jarvis , and Paul Graham ( honorary New Yorker even though he might be offended) are part of a select  circle of intellectuals that are knitting together our internet culture with politics, economics, culture, media studies and a variety of other disciplines. Hardcore, Hardworking tech intellectuals  Mike Arrington and Om Malik just don’t do these things as well and that hasn’t been their role.

Roger plays a vital role in this ecosystem and it weakens without his contribution.  I feel bad that I didn’t write him to ask what was up, but I’m sure glad he posted on it.  I wish I had a twitter petition tool right now to circulate and motivate him, but in the absence of that go to his blog or twitter  him and tell him what you think.


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  1. your post is very kind, aaron, and it means a lot to me that i’ve had an influence on how you think about things. you’re a smart guy, so your kind of validation is very flattering. i’ll get back to it for sure, but it will be in a manner and at a time that feels right. hopefully it will be soon.


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