The Hangover, AnyClip and the Clip Window

I laughed my face off last night.

Several times a  year  a high-quality comdedy cuts through the media fragmentation and captures enough momentum through word-of mouth to create a big audience at the boxoffice. You know what I’m talking about:  Last year it was Superbad,  The Hangover is that movie right now.  Paul Blart:  Mall Cop got there earlier this year, Superbad in 2007 and Wedding Crashers in 2005 are other excellent exmaples.

The Hangover is that movie right now.  And there are numerous moments I want to watch again from last night’s screening.  When I cruise around the Internet I can find various versions of the Electronic Promotional Kit on YouTube or Apple Trailers.  But I cannot find the “stungun scene” or the various tigers scenes.  or if I search Mike Tyson the results take me to YouTube’s Hangover page and a link to a trailer.

Even the clip above doesn’t give me what I want.  I wanted to watch Ed Helms’ at the piano, but instead the marketers recut the scene for promotional purposes.  Actually I enjoyed the clip, but it’s not what I wanted.

Why do we have to wait for the DVD window (which is months and months later) to relive these hilarious moments?  The answer is simple.  That’s the way it always has been.  Meanwhile the Hangover was so funny that I would buy several scenes right now just to watch them again.  Especially if they aren’t different versions of the marketing materials that are meant to drive you to theaters.

Clips allow you to relive moments.  The EPKs that studio marketers create are designed to put “butts in seats” as they say in Hollywood.

Theatrical Release is a first time experience.  DVDs cater to second timers and potential first timers.  The marketers are torn.  But at AnyClip we are the “reliving experience.”


One Response

  1. My friend, this is the clearest example I’ve seen you give for teh AnyClip value proposition, so big ups to you.

    “Clips allow you to relive moments.”

    And the problem you are solving is that, right now, you can’t relive the moments. Only think I would suggest was “buying” clips can mean a number of things, and actually paying $$ for them is only one, but it might not be the most interesting or ultimately the most valuable one. You’ll need to experiment and figure that out.

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