Funny Passover Schtick

This comes courtesy of Heeb Magazine which I really love.  Nice tribute to Woody Allen and his rhythms.  Still, at 5 minutes it shows how difficult it is to make really consistently good comedy.  Especially animation.  You have to be so crisp to be good.  Makes me appreciate Family Guy and South Park all the more.


One Response

  1. Woody Allen refers often to the Holocaust and anti-semitism, Heeb magazine (I heard a presentsation on it at last year’s Book seller’s convention) a winner with young people, and your tie to historic memory by yourtaking Yom Hashoah as a paid holiday.
    There is an irony here. The day is celebrated on the 27th day of Nissan in the Jewish calendar. As we know, Jewish days begin in the evening. The 27th of Nissan actually begins on April 20 which is Hitler’s birth date. It is also within two days of the start of the Warsaw uprising.
    At B’nai Jeshurun members who had family members killed, and in a town in Hungary that had so many of its Jewss killed, the names in both places of those killed will be read. That is the power of memory and remembrance.

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