Evangelicals Coopt Extreme Sports

totally amazing.  Is this how the Christian right plans to take back the White House?

Now you guys know why I’m making  The Aaron Cohens.


3 Responses

  1. As an analyst of the Chrisitan Right, and other extremes, educate me on the sports move. Is it organized? What’s their strategy?

  2. I have no idea. I really don’t.

  3. I believe this is people who believe in God sharing their faith. Why does there have to be more to it than that? As a Christian I believe that we worship by honoring God in what we do. It can be in Church, but it can also be on the slopes. I do not worship with extreme sports (just not my thing), but I can appreciate God in nature.

    One of the tenets of Christianity is sharing your faith with the world. I don’t think (admit – I could be wrong) that their is any organizational strategy to this other than sharing of their faith. Not sure why you would think they were Evangelicals versus other denominations (now that is an other topic – not really a fan of denominationalism).

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