The War in Gaza

Much will be written and said on this war that is now a week old.  I’m just using this space to post a note from Ari Litov.

Ari Horowitz Citizen of Southern Israel

Ari Horowitz Citizen of Southern Israel

Ari and I have recently rediscovered each other on Facebook after 20 years of no contact.  He was a part of my social circle decades ago and we spent some time together.  He happens to live in Sderot where Hamas has successfully launched rockets.  I don’t know what Ari does professionally but over the weekend he’s been writing some dispatches from Southern Israel.  You can find them here.  I don’t know Ari’s politics.  I’m sharing with you the perspective of a guy who grew up in Baltimore, moved to Israel, and is keeping his kids inside because of a war.

Another day in South Israel

As the second day since ground forces enter the Gaza Strip, we lit a candle which will last a week. We hope and pray for the safe return of the soldiers.

It is very sad that the government in Gaza has not been supportive of it’s own people and residents. The European community has spilled countless millions of Euro’s into Gaza. So what have they spent it on? Not factories, not agriculture, not jobs, so what? Let’s start with the 600 tunnels towards Egypt. Let’s count the number of people required to carry 5000 missles, store them and organize an army in order to attack Israel.

Today was a difficult day. A missle hit a home in Sderot. The missle destroyed most of the house, except a small part on the bottom floor. Luckily that is where the elder couple were sitting. The couple are safe and alright, except for the shock. They are the in-laws of a friend of mine.

I asked my friend who was born and raised in Sderot, why don’t you leave, come north a bit. His answer of course was simple; this is my home. The same happened in the north, and they are alright.

Another moving story which happened two days ago:
A large number of organizations offer free housing and / or hosting in the north, anything to get out of missle range.
17 people, 4 families, including a single mother and 2 kids, from the south signed up and went to Haifa. After a very long day they arrived late evening at the shelter. It turned out that the shelter was in very bad shape and no place to keep the kids. They searched for another place. The hotels were either fully booked or asked for full price. The families were about to give up, being close to 10 pm when they decided to go to the local police station. An officer recommended they check the web where the city of Yokanam has a site for hosting people from the south.

By 11:30 pm they called the number, almost giving up hope and heading south again. The person on the line told them to come, no matter what, they would find them a place. By midnight the host had made some calls, visited the local bakery who donated fresh breads, and they made a hot meal for everyone. At one in the morning the families felt the warmth of Yokanam. The families were split into 3 groups according to families and they were hosted by local families.

Thousands of people from the south who have no relatives in the north have been hosted over the past few weeks. There is no better feeling than knowing that you are not alone.


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  1. Yeah.. it is terrifying that the new year starts with war and terror… Hope all citizens in there get to the safest soon.

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