Better Place Yes. Detroit No.

I still loathe the BIG 3 Auto CEOs today. I know that’s strong, but these guys are the Larry, Moe, and Curly of the Fortune 500.

Meanwhile John Markoff at the NYT reports that Better Place is moving into Hawaii with another sweet deal in the worst financial climate in two generations.  Because Electric cars make sense.  Renewable Energy makes sense.  Why would I believe that Detroit will crank out more fuel efficient cars with their $40bn bailout?  How do we know they wont’ be back in 6 months asking for more?  Is a Hybrid Navigator or Hummer our future?

Better Place is one part of the future.   Detroit is the entire past.  Israel, Denmark, San Francisco, Australia, and Hawaii have seen that future.  Detroit will drill for oil on 8 Mile Road, before they let electric cars into town.


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