The AaronCohens Film

10 years ago, I conceived of a comedic documentary concept rooted in my name.  This fall the concept has turned real and work has begun on a film called The AaronCohens.  The project gathers all the people named Aaron Cohen from around the world to meet each other and share stories about being AaronCohen I’ve started a blog for the film at We are building a community there.  I’ve now become Facebook friends with 50 Aaron Cohens from around the country and world.  If you know anybody named Aaron Cohen and want to introduce them to me I would appreciate it.

The AaronCohens is an exploration in identity.   Obviously making a film is challenging, but social media, user-generated content, and the amazing breakthroughs in video and broadband technologies will make it significantly easier than it was a decade ago. I look forward to sharing more about this project in the weeks, months, and potentially (but hopefully not) years to come.


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  1. Brilliant. reblogged.

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