Obama’s Internet Use Will Change World

One need look no further than changedotgov to understand how Obama and future presidents will use the Internet to communicate in a completely unfiltered way with citizens and the world’s population.  Obama uploaded his weekly radio address earlier today.  Already a 155,000 people on YouTube  have seen it on by Saturday at 5PM EST.   Remeber all of this behavior is “ondemand.”  People opting in to watch.

Meanwhile Obama is using his campaign infrastructure to continue to send his constituents his messages including today’s address.

In today’s speech, Obama says he’s going to pass progressive legislation to invest in alternative energy and national infrastructure.  The Washington lobbying machine will gear up to drive those dollars to individual states and to ensure that traditional speical interests (Oil, Auto, Teachers Union)  maintain their traditional hegemony.

Obama and his administration have a chance to seriously dampen special interest power by mobilizing his army of volunteers and millions of Americans to send emails, call congressmen and even to raise money to combat certain special interests.  The question is will Americans cotinue to engage beyond the election?  Will they stay motivated to fight for what they believe in, even when a presidential race is not on the line?


5 Responses

  1. Keep in mind, with all the euphoria, that 48% of the electorate did not vote for Obama. I hope he keeps that in mind…

  2. So right. It’s an amazingly important point.

  3. I’m a Washingtonian and you feel the excitement of Obama.
    Aaron knows I love history. Here’s a gergen comment I wished I had thought of: Lincoln was the telegraph President; FDR the radio one; JFK did TV (I loved to watch is press conferences.) Obama is the internet President. i take it seriously and filled out the survey campaign volunteers received.

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