Joe “Disingenuous” Lieberman

The Senate is clubby and I understand that the independent senator from Connecticut  votes the right way on some issues.  But Joe Lieberman stood side by side John McCain all Fall campaigning against his own party.  In the Senate, committee chairmanships are really important sources of power and Lieberman should have been stripped.  To not do so, was to hope that everything falls into place and that Lieberman would tip the filibuster balance by bolting to the other side of the aisle.  But obsessing about filibusters is dumb. It will be hard getting the democratic senate to stay together anyway.  Some of them are super conservative.

But sometimes you have to show that there are ramifications for your actions and Joe Lieberman is simply not, nor will ever be a team player.    Read really good coverage of this thing on here.

All of us voted for Obama because we don’t want business as usual.  I’m pragmatic about politics, but I do now want an administration that rolls over on guys who really are so disingenuous and borderline disrespectful.


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  1. At the same time, I think the appropriate question isn’t about what he did, but rather… Is he good at his job?

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