Brett Favre: Entrepreneurial Hero

Brett Favre is a New York Jet.  What a bonus in a bad economic year.

He should run the next Google/Ebay/Amazon.  Here’s why.

1.  Persistence — Hasn’t missed a game in 15 years. Never gives up.

2.  Humility — Always gives credit to teammates and opponents.  He knows it’s not all about him.

3.  Passion  — He is still a kid out there.  Loves the work.  Teared up during post-game interview.

4.  Skill — is there anybody with that arm?  Peyton might be better all-around and Tom Brady has a better resume, but when he’s asked to play well under pressure he can really throw it.  At 39!

Now Eric Mangini is not startup material.  Smart as he is, he doesn’t have the swagger and the imagination.  Nor did he make the appropriate adjustments during the game.  Matt Cassell ran for more yards as a Patriot QB than anybody since Steve Grogan.  The Patriots went 65 yards in a minute with no timeouts to end last night’s game and the Jets had single coverage on Randy Moss on the last play of the game.

Come on Eric Mangini, Brett saved you.


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