Lance Armstrong Twitters His Fight

As many of you know, Lance has returned to cycling and will race in the Tour de France to bring more attention to his crusade against cancer.  I now follow him on Twitter where he is enormously active.  Just by using twitter Lance is distributing awareness on a daily basis and he’s really engaged me.

You should read his piece on CNN.  It’s a kind of State of the Union on the nation’s fight to prevent and cure cancer.  Lance is our leader in this fight and we are lucky to have him.  To me, Lance defines progressive politics as he uses his celebrity, technology, and most importantly his mind to improve the planet.


One Response

  1. Great article – I applaud Lance for his dedication and hard work. The efforts of celebrities – Lance, Katie, Melissa (the list is long) are invaluable to driving cancer awareness and making a difference.

    Equally important in the crusade are the countless number of hours dedicated and dollars raised by volunteers and survivors. People like me and you without the celebrity recognition but committed to driving awareness through our support of fund raisers, sporting events and effective use of technology. It’s hard to imagine the number of groups, pages or tweets that have been created to spread the word and drive support.

    The voice and recognition of a celebrity combined with the unselfish efforts of the masses is a powerful force. Both driven by passion, love or loss to make a change for all of us – it’s time we all joined in.

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