Dispatches on Obama’s Win

Flashes from the evening:  It is the new American coalition of people that have moved Barack Obama forward.  2/3 of Hispanics voted for Obama.  95% of African Americans 65% of 18-29 year-olds. 68% of first time voters.

Tom Brokaw had trouble getting his words out as he spoke about a country confronting its “racist past.”

McCain speaking now.  What is his opportunity going forward?  Classy speech.  What a shame that he embraced Bush and went negative.  He was once a compelling Republican.  Maybe he can put the 2000-2008 John McCain behind him.

There are no people of color in McCain’s Biltmore Hotel resort.  Nor is the Biltmore (if you have been there) symbolic of mainstream America.  It’s interesting to me that McCain looks like he will do ok in popular vote.  Better than I predicted.  How is it possible that nearly 50% of the voters in this country chose  McCain/Palin?  What can we do to bring them closer to our perspective?  How can we find common ground? I really think this is critical because from 1994 to 2008 we have had legislative gridlock or the Bush administration expanding the powers of the presidency to do their own thing.

8 years ago  Bush/Cheney barely won and they governed and bullied America as if they had been voted into office unanimously.  Pelosi, Reid, and Obama must find a way to be inclusive of the minority because the country cannot afford a bitter election cycle in two and four years.  We need 8 years of progressive reforms and that means avoiding Red/Blue liberal/conservative and all of the standard frameworks.

All around my building and in my living room people are in the hallways are high-fiving.

Impromptu party outside on terrace, but at the same time everybody waiting to hear Obama’s speech.

Ed Rollins (Mike Huckabee’s campaign manager) says, “Obama ran the best campaign he has seen in his life.”  Never made any major mistakes.  Rollins sounds blown away.

Obama pulls out Florida.  Was Sarah Silverman the difference?

Gergen says he has won enough states to call himself a national president.  As usual, they are discussing the right/left continuum which I continue to think is a big mistake.  That language is problematic.  Conservatives will gear up to fight his progressive policies and they may find plenty of big business capital (say from the energy industry) to label the whole government horrifically liberal.


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