Does the Iphone Suck?

I just waited 1 minute for my phone to connect to call my wife.  But hey I only had 3 bars and a 3G symbol.  Why should this phone work in downtown New York?  It’s not that big a market.

This afternoon I was standing next to a window in the betaworks office as John Borthwick tried to demo to me.  It only took him 2 minutes to bring it up.

Dropped calls, frozen screens, wtf?  I was a diehard Verizon Wireless person and I almost returned my Iphone because it was so bad out of the gate.

Look, the App Store is amazing the apps (including the aforementioned GoodRec, Google Earth, and countless others) are very cool.  Everybody knows it.  Even the free broadband service announced by AT&T today came as  a nice bonus.  The phone is spectacular in form and function.  I’m not adding anything new here.

But, I need my phone to work and I think Apple and AT&T are seriously screwing me.  Typically, I’m drinking Tequila by this point on Friday afternoon, and I’m going to hop on my bike, go home, down some Partida, and head out for some trick or treating.

I guarantee you my phone battery wont survive the evening.


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