Open-Source Fundraising

In late July of this year, I sat down with my friend Yaron Samid to get his thoughts on a Ycombinator for Israel.  As it turned out, he was thinking about a Betaworks for Israel and our conversations over the next month lead to the formation of a new venture called TechAviv. TechAviv helps launch concept stage companies formed by passionate, brilliant, and relentless Israeli entrepreneurs.

Yaron gets all the credit for naming the company.  He had started a MeetUp a year ago for Israeli high-tech professionals that had grown to 1000 members worldwide when he decided to contribute this platform to our new venture.

Today this fast growing network is the only real asset at TechAviv.  Yaron and I earn no money from our nascent venture and have yet to raise any capital .  We are a concept ourselves.  That said, we have had some meetings with prospective partners and investors.  The meetings have lead to very reasonable requests for us to further articulate our ideas.

I have decided to articulate my ideas on this blog.   I want to encourage anybody to comment and criticize so that we can strengthen TechAviv.  In this sense, the formation of our business strategy, investor base, and corporate mandate becomes open-sourced.   We also ensure that prospective and current investors will be treated equally.

All my life, I’ve dreamed of coaching and teaching.  Increasingly, I believe I have hit on TechAviv and found Yaron to fulfill that dream.  This is a challenging moment to try and start an organization built around so much idealism and hope.  Of course, this is the fall that America will elect an African-American President, the Tampa Bay Rays made the World Series, and ER will finally end.  Anything is possible.



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